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Request Summary

The Office of Budget and Management on behalf of the Department of Job and Family Services respectfully requests Controlling Board approval to establish appropriation authority in the amount of $15,000,000.00 in fund 5CV3, ALI XXX (ALI to be determined) in FY 2023 to provide funds to acquire and distribute food products.


Establish Appropriation Authority
Fiscal Year Fund Code ALI Fund Amount
2023 5CV3 - Division of Wildlife Conse XXX - Error: ALI not found in OAKS $15,000,000.00


Since the beginning of the pandemic, foodbanks across Ohio have provided a vital service to provide food to families in need. Ohio's agricultural producers have played an important role by regularly contributing the most needed protein products to Ohio's foodbanks. However, the need for these important services has persisted over the past few months due to the effects of inflation on the prices of household food staples like protein, dairy, and poultry products, as well as rent and gasoline. Rising costs for these items are making it more difficult for more Ohioans to afford the food they need for their families, and many are turning to foodbanks to fill this need.

This request will allow the Department of Job and Family Services to provide $15 million in American Rescue Plan Act State Fiscal Recovery Fund dollars to address this need by allowing the agency to work with Ohio-based producers and processors to purchase, transport, store, and distribute livestock, dairy, and poultry protein products. This funding would be administered through thirteen regional foodbanks with each entity identifying, purchasing, and procuring products based on local needs and availability of protein products.

Fund Questionnaire

  1. Identify the source of revenue that supports this request.
    • State Fiscal Recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
  2. Has the revenue been received?
    • Yes
    • 5/19/2021
  3. Are federal funds being used?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. How will the additional appropriation and/or cash be used?
    • No
    • No
    • Yes
  5. Provide the following information below relative to this budgetary adjustment. For each entry, include a short description of what the dollars will be used to accomplish.
  6. Is there a planned use of expense account category 500 Personal Services?
    • No

Agency Contact

Todd Clark, Financial Manager
Phone: 614-644-8795


Kimberly A. Murnieks
Date 09/16/2022
W. Fletch Zimpher
Date 10/03/2022